I’m Sheila McGovern,

Project Director

at Pear Healthcare Solutions.

About me
Sheila brings a wealth of experience to Pear in both pharmacy and product management from her marketing days with a multinational pharmaceutical company. She also lived and breathed pharmacy continuing education on the publishing side for several years. Sheila has an innate ability to bring order to complex projects and is known for her lean and mean timelines that allow clients to sleep better at night knowing their projects are in good hands!

Her quick-witted approach keeps things light while her directness and punctuality keep things moving forward. Sheila loves working at Pear because the people are smart, dedicated and fun and the pace is…well, let’s say ENERGIZED! In her spare time, Sheila enjoys shuttling her “tweenage” son to taekwondo or piano lessons and she also sings and plays acoustic guitar in two cover bands.