I’m Rose Patodia,


Editorial Director

at Pear Healthcare Solutions.

About me
Rose brings over 25 years of experience as a pharmacist to the Pear team, along with a breadth of practice experience in hospital, community, and long-term care. She also honed her skills in marketing and communications in a previous role with a large pharmacy chain, and currently helps to shape future pharmacists through her work with the University of Waterloo. Rose is as much at home at her computer keyboard, producing learning material, as she is in front of an audience, delivering engaging presentations to healthcare professionals.

Rose’s friends and colleagues respect her compassion and honesty, as well as her ability to produce top-notch results while multi-tasking. As Pear’s in-house pharmacist, Rose is dedicated to ensuring that clients receive high-quality materials that help pharmacists and other clients impact the end user…the patient. Rose is passionate about eating healthfully and staying fit and can be found going for a run or searching for the perfect recipe for kale brownies in her spare time.