I’m Gisèle Kane,

Program Manager

at Pear Healthcare Solutions.

About me
With more than 10 years in the continuing education arena, Gisèle brings a strong understanding of how programs are developed from inception to the finish line.  Whether that finish line includes print, online, workshops or a conference, providing a pharmacist or other adult learner with the knowledge needed to best support patients or clients is her goal.  Working at Pear allows Gisèle to demonstrate her strengths while being creative and further developing her skill set. 

She is dedicated to family, and by extension, those that she works with. Gisèle is a loyal team player who works hard to support both internal and external clients on a daily basis. Customer service is a part of her role that helps Pear continually shine. She helps people from all over the world connect with our continuing education programs. It’s great to know the wide reach that a group like Pear can have! Gisèle is a Friends-addict and she lived in Paris, France for three years where she became fluent in French.