I’m Alison Moreira,

Associate Project Manager

at Pear Healthcare Solutions.

About me
Alison has been a dedicated member of the team for more than a decade, and she is proud to call Pear her “home away from home”.   She is tasked with keeping the internal engine of the company working smoothly every day and as an Associate Project Manager, works tirelessly to ensure that client needs and expectations are met or exceeded.  As a passionate and creative person, Alison’s inner “Martha Stewart” shines through in her execution of dinner meetings and conferences!  

Her friends and colleagues admire her high energy level and strong-minded attitude and would tell you not to get in her way when she is on a mission. Alison gets great satisfaction in building both internal and external relationships and recognizes how these strong relationships have helped to maintain the success of Pear year after year.  Outside of work, you might find Alison soaking up the sun on a sandy Caribbean beach or travelling around the world.