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A full-service, health communications agency with decades of experience driving multi-faceted and integrated education, marketing and point-of-care solutions for pharmacies, manufacturers and device companies.

We Follow

Healthcare Trends

We are always ahead of the curve when it comes to shifting priorities and interests for pharmacy, patients and caregivers. Content developed by our subject matter experts is always current and relevant for marketing collateral, websites, patient tools, seminars, webinars, etc.

We Build

Strong Brands

Contemporary graphic design to support your brand, communicate your vision, optimize service delivery and engage your target audience. With expertise in creating memorable branding, visually-appealing programs and engaging, product-related initiatives.

In our work, we continually strive for innovation and clarity.

Think Big. Be Creative.

We work with healthcare clients, big and small. We utilize the latest design and marketing techniques to develop your business, idea or brand in a way that’s right for you. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, design and strategy, we work side-by-side with you to understand your company, grow your dream and shape your vision.

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Content Development

Custom content built to drive brand awareness, stakeholder engagement and revenue growth, always developed with the unique needs of each target audience in mind.

Live Education and Meetings

Multi-faceted programs designed to bring key stakeholders together to share best practices, communicate new approaches and consolidate learnings.

Market Research

Surveys, advisory boards and focus groups designed to understand the needs of healthcare professionals, patients and consumers, with an eye to bolstering engagement, awareness and loyalty.

Patient Initiatives

Support programs designed to help patients navigate chronic health conditions and to enhance the therapeutic relationship between patient and healthcare professional.

Health eLearning

Our learning management system provides a robust platform for delivering accredited continuing education and training programs for healthcare professionals.

Accreditation Management

Management of the complex requirements of CCCEP, OPQ, CFPC, PAAB, ASC and other accrediting bodies to ensure programs and materials meet key standards.

Navigating the Pharmacy Landscape

The pharmacy ecosystem can feel like a maze. The system has become so complex that even people who work in it every day often struggle to navigate it. With over 20 years’ of pharmacy and healthcare experience, Pear continues to follow the changes in order to better equip you and your teams to navigate effectively, with confidence. We develop and implement practical solutions that engage and inspire healthcare professionals and patients to change.

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The pharmacy landscape continues to evolve. Pear is ready to help you embrace the change and succeed.

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